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Love's Labour's Lost


To mark ten years of the Wet Mariners we staged a revival of our inaugural show, Love's Labour's Lost. We managed to get a whopping nine Mariners into the performance with nearly half the cast arriving on the day!

Twelfth Night


Post pandemic we were thrilled to perform this comedy classic to a full house as the Willow Globe opened its doors once again. We were also treated to the return, after nine years away, of one of our American counterparts, Jane Bradley, who played Viola for us.

The Comedy of Errors


In this bizarre year we were desperate to bring a bit of live theatre to the rural communities we have come to know and love. Only four Mariners were free and able to commit so we decided The Comedy of Errors was the perfect choice to lighten everyone's mood.

Watch the production here:

A Midsummer Night's Stream


Unable to perform in person during lockdown we decided to mount this most famous comedy online and raise funds for the NHS. For the first time since 2012 our full troupe were able to come together technologically and live stream the show. 10 actors, 3 different time zones, 1 crazy Zoom call! The production is still available for you to watch here:

Watch the production here:

Romeo & Juliet


Finally in our 30s we felt we were ready to take on Shakespeare's youthful lovers. Putting the generation below us under the lens we looked to investigate what societal pressure can do to two children in love.

As You Like It


Our first tour for the Mariners. This show spread its wings and took flight from our Welsh sanctuary and travelled to the Arches Theatre in Milton Keynes and then on to Italy.

The Tempest


Another small cast (with one of us arriving the day before the show to play Caliban!) this production saw two actors in almost every scene as they covered nearly half the parts. Arial was a mop and the harpy was made from tarpaulin.

Julius Caesar


After a two year absence five Mariners were able to get together for a trim 1hr 20min Julius Cesar. Played with pace, serious multi-rolling, and a firm focus on story this production served as a model for future shows.

The Taming Of The Shrew


Furthering the cross gender theme from the previous year we swapped the genders of the characters themselves in this Taming of the Shrew. Set in a matriarchal society where Baptisa tries to marry off her two sons we discovered some thought provoking moments within the laughter.

Love's Labour's Lost


Our inaugural show, undertaken in the summer of our first year of training at drama school, was a cross-gender Love's Labour's Lost. We chose the play because it was a Shakespeare none of us knew intimately and we wanted something fresh to be our first foray. The boys played the girls, the girls played the boys and much hilarity was found in this lesser known comedy.

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